China with the aircraft industry Boeing Airbus "overtime" production

China is expected to become the world's largest air travel and aerospace market in 20 years
China's Boeing and Airbus's orders in China are increasing as China's demand for aircraft expands, the Japanese media said. According to the Japanese "Fuji production business newspaper" reported on February 24, China's largest low-cost airline Spring Airlines Deputy General Manager Wang Yu 22 in Singapore to accept Bloomberg interview, said Airbus production speed is not enough, the Chinese market is still far Did not reach saturation, at least the next 10 years are the growth of the golden age. Reported that Spring Airlines last year to Airbus ordered 60 A320neo aircraft, and hope to purchase more. With the increase in aviation demand, it is expected that 20 years after China will become the world's largest air travel and aerospace market. In order to meet China's needs, the average monthly production in China, four aircraft Airbus has been close to Beijing in Tianjin, the assembly plant, Boeing last year announced plans to set up assembly plant. Wang Yu said that if the other airlines to postpone or cancel the order can be transferred to Spring Airlines, the company will be happy to accept. The company, which was listed in January 2015, has delivered 11 A320s with Airbus this year, and Wang Yu said it expects to keep that level in the next five years. Reported that China is currently trying to stimulate the economy through personal consumption, so vigorously promote air travel, plans to build 66 by 2020 before the airport. In this context, Boeing predicts that China will overtake the United States in 20 years and become the world's largest travel market. Airbus and Boeing have so far received billions of dollars from China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines, the largest number of passengers in Asia. The background is that with the economic growth, with the world's largest population of China's middle class is expanding. According to the data released by China Civil Aviation Administration in December last year, the number of Chinese air passengers increased by 11.4% in 2015, and is expected to grow by 10.7% in 2016, basically unchanged.

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