Guangzhou occurred due to illegal vehicles seizure of the incident 15 people were investigated

Onlookers gathered up to about 600 people
15 people were brought back to assist the investigation of the Guangzhou Municipal Police notice on the 23rd, 22 evening, occurred in the urban area of ​​Guangzhou due to dissatisfaction with illegal vehicles were seized and caused by the incident. 22 20:20 Xu, Guangzhou Haizhu police then "110" police intelligence, said the East Xiaonan section of the staff gathered, blocking traffic. After receiving the report, Haizhu police officers sent to the scene, evacuation crowd, and take measures to restore the scene of traffic and security order. To 23 o'clock on the 23st, the police have been in accordance with the law to participate in 15 people gathered in the public security organs to assist the investigation. The preliminary investigation, 22 at 19 pm, Haizhu police in Dongxiao South Road to carry out traffic remediation action. During the meantime, some people were seized for dissatisfaction with illegal vehicles, gathered in the scene to stir up, and gathered personnel took to the road, resulting in the above sections (south to north) traffic congestion, the crowd up to about 600 people gathered. In the police to ease the handling process, some personnel to law enforcement officers throwing stones, mineral water bottles and so on. At 1:00 on the 23rd, the scene order has been restored. At present, the police according to the law suspected of trouble personnel to review, the incident is under further investigation. (Wang Lubin)

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